Cost of living in Barcelona as a student

¿Cuánto cuesta vivir en Barcelona a un estudiante extranjero?

Accommodation: the first recommendation we are going to make is to reserve a place in one of our student apartments in Barcelona in the month of June, or July, at the latest. It is difficult to get a rental in Barcelona, ​​not only because of the little existing offer, but because of the complicated procedures for someone living abroad, the disbursement of the deposit, which is usually two or three months of the rental amount and conditions of the house, since many times, these are old buildings over 100 years old, without heating, without a lift and with unforeseen expenses that can give you an unpleasant surprise. In our shared flats for students you must pay the amount of a deposit of 650 euros for a double room and 900 euros for a single room. This amount will be returned at the end of the stay as long as there are no damages due to misuse of the facilities. In addition, we include in the rates all the expenses so you know how much you are going to pay each month, without surprises.

Food: our student apartments in Barcelona have a fully equipped kitchen, with microwaves, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and all the necessary utensils to cook your own food and thus save on extra expenses; you should calculate a budget of about € 40 a week approximately, for fruit, fresh vegetables, meat, etc., It will be very easy to get used to the Mediterranean diet and flee from fast food.

Transport: the cheapest and most sustainable way to get around Barcelona is the public bike service, which for around € 50 a year, allows you to use the bike, to move around the city without limits. More information here If you use public transport and you are less than 25 years old, the Jove card is the best option for around € 105 a year, and if you are over 25 years old, the best options are the T-10 card or the T-month, which They are worth 10 and 30 euros respectively. More information here:

Leisure: Barcelona is a city with a lot of cultural offer and a lot of social life, something that you should take into account when planning your budget. Drinking a coffee, enjoying a beer on the terrace of any bar, throughout the year, and going for tapas, is something that will be part of your life here. At least € 100 per month, will be necessary for this. Take advantage of student discounts to go to the movies, theater, concerts and discos.

Definitely: without great luxuries and without excessive social life, at least you will need € 1200 to live in Barcelona as a student.