Valencia's Cultural Treasures: A Student's Insider Guide

Guia cultural para estudiantes: Joyas Ocultas de Valencia

Embracing a city as your second home involves uncovering Valencia's secret spots to fully experience your university life.

Besides your studies, Valencia holds cultural surprises and hidden places that will leave you speechless. At Vanguard Student Housing, we're here to provide you with a cultural guide to Valencia so you can take charge of exploring Valencia, student style!

Morning: An Encounter with Art and History

Stop 1: Start your day by exploring the City of Arts and Sciences

From the majestic Hemisfèric to the modern Museum of Sciences, each structure will take you to a world of wonder. Witness the marvels of the universe at the Planetarium and delve into the secrets of the ocean at the Oceanogràfic. Every corner of this architectural complex will leave you amazed and offer an unforgettable experience.

Stop 2: The Carmen Neighborhood of Valencia, known as the ‘hipster‘ district

with a bohemian atmosphere where you'll find secret corners and picturesque alleys. Discover independent art galleries, design shops, and charming cafés. As a Vanguard tip, you have Convent Carmen, a convent transformed into a leisure and culture center with a gastronomic market. Who would've thought?

This neighborhood is perfect for those who enjoy exploring and discovering different routes in Valencia. It's ideal for students seeking unique cultural experiences, with narrow cobbled streets and urban art murals on building facades. Visit Plaza del Tossal, a lively place full of life and color. You can grab a drink outdoors and see how Valencians live their daily lives.

Lunchtime: Savor Local Gastronomy in Valencia

Recharge with the authentic flavors of the Valencian community. Taste traditional dishes at local restaurants. Enjoy the aromas and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

Make a stop at one of the many bars and restaurants in the Central Market, where you can taste a wide variety of fresh and local products. Try the Valencian paella, the region's most emblematic dish, or enjoy some tapas with a glass of local wine. We recommend Centralbar, offering fresh traditional food with seasonal products.

Afternoon: Art and Culture

Stop 3: Valencia Museum of Fine Arts

It boasts an impressive collection of masterpieces. From Renaissance paintings to contemporary art, this museum will captivate you with its diversity and beauty.

Explore the different rooms of the museum and admire works by Spanish artists such as Velázquez, Goya, and Sorolla. Also, witness the evolution of Valencian art throughout the centuries and contemplate unique pieces that will transport you to different epochs and artistic styles.

Stop 4: Explore an exceptional site, Valencia's Round Square.

This oasis in Valencia is ideal for discovering local shops and enjoying city life. Small and hidden, it's perfect for exploration and enjoyment. Stroll through the stalls in the square and admire traditional Valencian craftsmanship, from ceramics and jewelry to leather goods and textiles. It's a place where historical secrets remain.

Unique Gastronomic Experiences

Enjoy dinner at a traditional restaurant near the beach, where you can savor local dishes with a modern twist. We recommend Valencia's homey tavern, specializing in rice dishes, seafood, and tapas. Their portions are generous, varied, and of high quality. It's located in El Cabañal, near the beach.

Evening: Art and Night Entertainment in Valencia

End your day by exploring the artistic events and cultural experiences that Valencia has to offer. From art exhibitions to live concerts, there's something for every taste and preference. You can stroll along Valencia's port and visit nightclubs like Marina Beach Club.