Discover a new way to cook and save with Hello Fresh!

¡Descubre una nueva forma de cocinar y ahorrar con Hello Fresh!

Discover a new way to cook and save with Hello Fresh!

At Vanguard Student Housing, we pride ourselves on not only providing you with a home away from home, but also offering additional perks that make your college life even more exciting and comfortable. We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with Hello Fresh, a fresh and delicious food solution delivered right to your door!

Get ready to learn about an easier and more affordable way to eat while studying in any city.

What is Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh is the number one meal delivery service in Europe, and now, as a resident of Vanguard Student Housing, you have access to exclusive discounts to enjoy quality meals without leaving home! Forget worries about shopping, meal planning and complicated recipes. Hello Fresh will take care of everything for you.

Exclusive benefits for Vanguard Student Housing residents:

Special Discounts As a resident, you will receive exclusive discounts on your first few boxes of Hello Fresh. Save money while enjoying fresh, delicious meals!

Quick and healthy meals Hello Fresh offers easy-to-follow recipes and all the ingredients you need, so you can prepare delicious meals in no time. Perfect for busy people.

Variety of options Hello Fresh offers a wide variety of menus to suit all tastes and dietary preferences. From vegetarian dishes to meat and fish options, you'll always find something you like.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your dishes: Browse the Hello Fresh menu and select the meals you would like to cook.
  2. Receive your ingredients: Hello Fresh will deliver all the fresh ingredients and detailed recipes directly to your student residence or flat.
  3. Cook and Enjoy: Follow the simple instructions and prepare delicious meals in minutes - it's easy, quick, and tasty!

This exciting collaboration with Hello Fresh is just one of the many ways Vanguard Student Housing cares about your comfort and well-being during your stay. Our student residence offers you a safe and comfortable place to live, and now, with them, you can also enjoy delicious meals without the hassle.

If you're a student who values comfort, quality and time saving, you won't want to miss out on this exciting offer.

Book your accommodation at Vanguard Student Housing and start enjoying the exclusive benefits today!

Live the Vanguard Student Housing experience! Your home away from home in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia.