Erasmus Barcelona experience

Vive una experiencia erasmus en Barcelona

Are you considering the experience of studying abroad for a year? Every university student should embark on this adventure. If you choose Barcelona, in our student apartments, we offer not just a space, but a community.

With this article, we aim to be your guide in choosing student accommodation in Barcelona. Your university's Erasmus department surely has information on agreements with institutions in Barcelona, and we provide the perfect space for you to fully immerse yourself in that experience.

Imagine: a city bursting with life and culture, an apartment where every nook and cranny is designed for students like you, new friendships, and a rich academic environment. Barcelona offers all this and more.

Those who have already experienced Erasmus in Barcelona agree: it has been one of the most enriching moments of their university life. And part of that success lies in choosing the right student accommodation.

When picking a destination, beyond academic agreements, think about where you'll live. Our apartments in Barcelona are strategically located near universities and the city center. They also offer top-notch facilities and a multicultural environment, perfect for practicing languages and getting to know other cultures.

We know that dealing with the bureaucratic side of Erasmus can be challenging. That's why we recommend you organize your documents in advance and, most importantly, your accommodation. Our booking system is straightforward, and we guarantee a comfortable and secure stay.

The concept of Vanguard Student Housing is more than just simple accommodation: it's a community. In our spaces, you'll meet other Erasmus students eager to share experiences, insights, and adventures in Barcelona.

During your Erasmus in Barcelona, you'll discover a unique city, form lasting friendships, and enrich yourself culturally. Upon returning, you'll carry unforgettable memories of a one-of-a-kind experience and a coliving that felt like home.

Barcelona awaits you, and our coliving is your ideal home. Discover it!