Everything You Need to Know About the New Selectivity

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la nueva selectividad 2024

The Selectivity, that crucial moment in the life of any student, has been the subject of numerous reforms over the years. However, with the arrival of the new Organic Law amending the Organic Law of Education (LOMLOE), better known as the Celaá law, significant changes have been introduced in the examination model. What does this mean for students who will face this test starting in 2024? Let's see!

What is Selectivity?

Selectivity, also known as the Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access (EBAU) or University Access Assessment (EvAU), is a test that allows students to access higher education in Spain. This evaluation aims to measure the knowledge acquired during the baccalaureate stage and determine the university admission grade.

Test Composition and Characteristics

With the recent innovations of the LOMLOE, the selectivity test presents a new design:

  • There is only one exam model: in the 2024 selectivity, the option of choosing between two exam models is eliminated, providing equal conditions for all students.

  • The duration of ninety minutes per test is maintained: this requires efficient time management by the students.

  • There will be no optional questions: students must demonstrate their knowledge of the entire syllabus of each subject.

  • Emphasis will be placed on development questions: it is guaranteed that at least 70% of the questions will be development-based, which evaluates the student's analytical and argumentative skills. Be careful with spelling mistakes, as they can deduct up to 10% from the final grade.

  • An assessment of competencies will be included: the degree of mastery of the specific competencies established in the new study plans will be evaluated, promoting creativity and critical thinking.

Calculation of the Cut-off Grade

The Selectivity (or EvAU) grade is the arithmetic mean of the grades obtained in each of the subjects of the Mandatory Phase (formerly known as the General Phase), rounded to the nearest thousandth. It is essential to score at least 4 on average to access an official university degree.

  • University Access Grade (UAG): It is calculated as the weighted average of the grades of the compulsory phase of the selectivity and the average grade of baccalaureate.

  • Admission Grade: It consists of the sum of the UAG plus the grade in the Voluntary Phase.

Time and Anxiety Management during the Exam Period.

With selectivity approaching, it is natural for students to experience high levels of stress and anxiety. However, effective time management and anxiety management can make a difference in performance during this crucial stage.

At Vanguard Student Housing, we are committed to the mental well-being of our residents.

We know how difficult it is to regain motivation in such decisive moments as selectivity. Here are some tips that can be useful to make study sessions more enjoyable.