Facultades, University Student Residence in Valencia

Facultades, Residencia Universitaria en Valencia

University student residence in valencia: the unique experience in Facultades

Beginning of the university adventure in Valencia

Starting university life in Valencia means more than attending classes; it's embarking on a life and learning adventure, as well as finding the ideal student accommodation.

Choosing suitable student accommodation is crucial, and the Facultades University Residence by Vanguard Student Housing emerges as a leading option for students in Valencia. This place is not just a space to live, but an environment to grow and explore, combining comfort, location, and community.

Exclusivity and comfort in a boutique setting

In the Facultades University Residence, each of the 38 rooms has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind, offering students intimate and exclusive spaces. With a boutique approach, this residence stands out as a more personal and private space, ideal for those seeking a calm and focused environment.

Strategic location in La Carrasca Located in La Carrasca, the Facultades Student Residence offers immediate access to prominent universities like the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Universitat de València. What makes La Carrasca an ideal neighborhood for students?: its youthful atmosphere, cultural options, and the perfect mix of leisure and study. This neighborhood is a young culture epicenter, ideal for university life.

Variety of student accommodations Diversity in accommodation options is key. With small studios available, ranging from single to double rooms, each one equipped with a private bathroom and kitchen, Adapting to the needs.

Premium services and amenities at Facultades The residence offers much more than accommodation. Unique services like high-speed Wi-Fi, study areas, entertainment rooms, cafeteria, terrace, and the innovative content creation room. Additionally, students enjoy meal service included from Monday to Friday, further enriching the university experience in Valencia.

An international community in Valencia Facultades residence stands out for its multicultural environment, offering students the opportunity to be part of a diverse and enriching community.

A home for Erasmus Students

The residence is also the perfect home for Erasmus students. It stands out for its multicultural environment, offering students the opportunity to be part of a diverse and enriching community, experiencing all that Valencia has to offer in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

More than student accommodation in Valencia

Choosing Facultades means opting for a unique university experience. Choosing the best student residence in Valencia has never been easier, Facultades combines comfort, location, and community to provide an exceptional home for students in Valencia.

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