Guide to registering in Barcelona

Guía para empadronarse en Barcelona

Barcelona is the preferred destination for many international students. When settling in this vibrant city, there are some procedures you must consider, such as the municipal registration. At Vanguard Student Housing, we not only provide you with the perfect space for your stay but also guide you through these administrative procedures.

Need University Housing in Barcelona?

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What is the Municipal Registration in Barcelona?

Municipal registration is the administrative record that indicates the people residing in a locality. It's crucial if you intend to stay in Barcelona for a while.

How to Register in Barcelona?

Although there is a traditional option for in-person registration at the Citizen Service Office, for international students, the online option is the most efficient. You can also complete the process via phone or postal mail.

Benefits of Registering

By registering, you'll enjoy numerous advantages:

  • The possibility of applying for residency and work permits.
  • Access to the health assistance card.
  • Driver's license validation.
  • Use of municipal services, such as libraries and sports centers.
  • Required Documents

The process is straightforward. You'll need:

  • Individual or Collective High Form.
  • Copies and originals of your passport and rental contract.

But don't worry because if you have difficulties with the process, we're here to help you with everything you need.