Do you know the coliving on Daoiz Street, right in front of the uni? It's ideal for those looking to be close to campus while enjoying some independence. The apartments are fully equipped, perfect for balancing study and leisure. Imagine this: wake up, grab a coffee, and in a couple of minutes, you're in class, all while living in a place that feels like home.

This place is great not just for studying, but also for making the most of university life. For those involved in projects or research at Carlos III, living here is super practical. It offers a calm environment for focusing, yet always close to the university's activities and resources. In short, this coliving combines comfort, independence, and direct access to university life. It's definitely worth considering!

  • University flat cleaning service

    General apartment maintenance

  • Utilities: electricity, water and/or gas included

    Internet WI-FI

  • 24hr emergency assistance

    Support in administrative procedures

  • GTFAPT3 Aprtamento privado de 3 dormitorios 1
  • GTFAPT3 Aprtamento privado de 3 dormitorios 2
  • GTFAPT3 Aprtamento privado de 3 dormitorios 3
  • GTFAPT3 Aprtamento privado de 3 dormitorios 4
  • GTFAPT3 Aprtamento privado de 3 dormitorios 5

Three bedroom private apartment

This three-bedroom apartment is a masterstroke for professionals or academics from Carlos III University who want to be close to everything. With a modern style, bedrooms ready for rest, and a kitchen perfect for cooking between work sessions, this place is a must for those seeking efficiency and privacy. It will undoubtedly become your hassle-free urban headquarters.

From 1799 €/month


  • GTFAPT2 Apartamento privado de 2 dormitorios 1
  • GTFAPT2 Apartamento privado de 2 dormitorios 2
  • GTFAPT2 Apartamento privado de 2 dormitorios 3
  • GTFAPT2 Apartamento privado de 2 dormitorios 4
  • GTFAPT2 Apartamento privado de 2 dormitorios 5

Two bedroom private apartment

This two-bedroom apartment in Getafe is a hit for those looking for style and practicality near Carlos III University. Quiet and with a modern design, it features an equipped kitchen for cooking enthusiasts and a living room where relaxation is the rule. Ideal for academics, professionals, or students, it offers comfort and a strategic location for university life and beyond.

From 1583 €/month


Welcome to Carlos III Campus Getafe

If you're looking for the perfect neighborhood to live during your university days, living in front of the Carlos III Campus Getafe is the answer! Here, you'll have a top-notch location to study at Carlos III University and not miss a thing.

The first thing you need to know is that you're close from your uni. No more early mornings or rushing to get to class. That means more time to sleep in and enjoy yourself!

But it's not all about studying, right? Near the Carlos III Campus Getafe you'll also find plenty of options to chill out and enjoy leisure and food. There are lots of cool bars, cafes, and restaurants to discover. You can try the best tapas, burgers, and pizzas in town. And on weekends, the party gets going at the nearby bars. There will never be a shortage of fun plans in this neighborhood!

So, if you want to live in a place with good vibes, close to the university, and with loads of leisure and dining options, living near Carlos III Campus Getafeis the perfect choice for you! You won't regret it! 🎉

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Minimum stay: 1 month


Minimum stay 1 month, maximum stay 11 months