Welcome to Còrsega 207! Here you can live the university experience to the max. The location is top-notch, surrounded by universities and an unparalleled student vibe. The flats are the bee's knees, boasting a modern design and chock-full of amenities so you can live the high life. But the icing on the cake is the chance to meet people from all over the place. We guarantee you'll make lifelong international friendships. Your university career will be even more epic living here because it's your moment of independence, and at Còrsega 207 you're going to have a blast. So get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure!

  • Flat cleaning service

    General apartment maintenance

  • Utilities: electricity, water and/or gas included

    Internet WI-FI

  • 24hr emergency assistance

    Support in administrative procedures

  • Elevator

    Air conditioning

  • Heating

Single rooms

  • Còrsega 207 Individual estándar 1
  • Còrsega 207 Individual estándar 2
  • Còrsega 207 Individual estándar 3
  • Còrsega 207 Individual estándar 4
  • Corsgea 207 individual estándar 5
  • Corsgea 207 individual estándar 6
  • Corsgea 207 individual estándar 7
  • Corsgea 207 individual estándar 8
  • Corsgea 207 individual estándar 9
  • Corsgea 207 individual estándar 10

Standard single room

These rooms have everything you need for a truly genuine experience. Isn’t it all about feeling at home? Of course it is!

A desk, a single bed, storage and modern décor (but you’ll have to bring your own Harry Styles poster), plus enough space for all your university projects.

In short, if you’re a modern-day hermit looking for a place to study and sleep, then this is the perfect room for you!

  • Còrsega 207 Individual superior 1
  • Còrsega 207 Individual superior 2
  • Còrsega 207 Individual superior 3
  • Còrsega 207 Individual superior 4
  • Còrsega 207 Individual superior 5

Superior single room

Do you like yoga? What about martial arts? Well, you’re in luck because in this room you’ll be able to enjoy any of these trendy pursuits without hitting your head on a shelf or stubbing your pinky toe on the edge of the bed (yeah, we know, it really hurts).

Besides the space, this room also offers you such home comforts as a desk so you can give free rein to your ideas. There's also enough storage space to accommodate all your belongings and the odd state secret or two.

Shared double rooms

  • Còrsega 207 Doble estándar 1
  • Còrsega 207 Doble estándar 2
  • Còrsega 207 Doble estándar 3
  • Còrsega 207 Doble estándar 4
  • Còrsega 207 Doble estándar 5
  • Còrsega 207 Doble estándar 6
  • Còrsega 207 Doble estándar 7
  • Còrsega Doble estándar interior
  • Còrsega Doble interior estándar
  • Còrsega Doble estándar interior

Standard double room

Where there’s a twin room, you don't need those annoying apps for meeting people. Starting out on a new journey alone isn't easy. We all need someone to share our sorrows with, don't we? Well, what could be better than choosing this type of room where you’ll not only have everything you need for an unforgettable stay, but also a sidekick thrown in for good measure.

A desk, a single bed, storage space and a sidekick who’ll make your experience even more amazing. Just one thing though: if you’re into bad jokes then perhaps a single room would be a better idea?

Welcome to L’Esquerra de L’Eixample

This unique neighbourhood is buzzing with energy, set to supercharge your first taste of independent university life. Here you’ll discover a diverse, multicultural community that’s perfect for forging true friendships and immersing yourself in an exciting student life. Plus the strategic location close to universities makes it easy to study and connect to a vibrant academic network. From modern coworking spaces to street festivals and culinary delights, Eixample Izquierdo has all you need to truly make the most of your university independence. Come and soak up the energy and style that this neighbourhood has to offer during this exciting chapter of your life!

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