Coming to Study in Barcelona? Tips for Sharing Your First Flat.

¿Vienes a estudiar a Barcelona? Consejos para compartir tu primer piso

If you're here, it's because you're about to dive into the world of shared flats in Barcelona. Take a deep breath! At Vanguard Student Housing, we don't just offer you a roof over your head, but also a handful of tips, so you don't end up mistakenly wearing your flatmate's socks. Let's dive in! 🚀

  1. Location, location, location. 📍

First things first: Where the heck are you going to live? Barcelona is vast, and while getting lost in its streets is part of the fun, you'll want to be close to the university (and the best bars, let's be honest). Research the best areas to live in Barcelona and pick your home base.

  1. Safety: because we want your only worry to be not burning the frying pan.🔥

At Vanguard, we take safety seriously (so you don't have to). Our shared flats are in safe areas and have everything you need for a sound sleep. And if you ever have doubts or any issues, remember: there's a team behind you, ready to help.

  1. Flexibility: because, who knows where you'll be in 6 months?🌍

Maybe in Barcelona, perhaps in Valencia, or you might fancy Madrid. That's why we offer monthly rentals. So, if you get the itch to explore the world, no worries. See you in another city!

  1. Comfort: more than just a flat, it's your sanctuary.🛌

After a long day of classes (or partying), you'll want a cozy place to crash. At Vanguard, our rooms for students in Barcelona are so comfy that you'll find it hard to leave. And if you do, it'll probably be to snatch a pizza slice from your flatmate.

  1. Issues? We've got it covered!💡

From the contract to that light bulb that's been out for weeks, Vanguard has got you covered. So, if something's not right, don't stress. We have a team ready to fix any issue. Just focus on enjoying your time!

Conclusion (or the golden advice)🌟

Living in a shared flat in Barcelona is a delightful kind of madness. And with Vanguard Student Housing, that madness is just a tad more manageable. So, gear up for the adventure and always remember to buy toilet paper!