If someone tells you that you are "muy mono"

¡Si alguien te dice que eres muy “mono” no creas que te pareces a un orangután!

I think today we're going to surprise you. If you're new and you just got to study in Barcelona, ​​keep reading and stick to our funniest section.

Today's expressions have a lot to do with Charles R. Darwin's theory of evolution, in which it is said that man comes from the monkey, and as almost all theories have their repercussion in the language, this was not going to be less, so the absolute protagonist of today, is our beloved monkey.

“Eres una monada”:

As we warned you in the title, when they call you “mona”, “mono” or just say ‘eres una monada‘ is not that you look like an orangutan, is that you are very handsome or refer to a very beautiful thing. You will hear it especially when it comes to babies or small children: ‘que mono es este niño‘ is a very common phrase in our language.

“Pintar la mona”:

If you ”pintas la mona”, is that you do not paint anything, that is, you are somewhere without doing anything, probably wasting time or making believe that you are doing something when in reality you are not doing anything, in short, pretending or compromise.

“Dormir la mona”:

This maybe you hear it the day after returning from the party with the companions of your student flat in Barcelona, ​​that day after a long night, you will not do anything except “dormir la mona”, that is, you will fall into a deep sleep if you have drunk a lot.

“Hacer el mono”:

Surely you have a friend who is funny or more crazy of the group and does not stop doing nonsense. Well, when that person is in full activity it can look like a monkey jumping from one tree to another, raising his arms moving his hands, or something similar, that in Spain is “hacer el mono”, and means, metaphorically, that someone is behaving irrationally.

“Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda”:

This expression is used when there are certain things that we insist on hiding or disguising but they will remain as they are.

There is another expression that is “tener el mono”, we let you be yourself who finds out what it means.

Happy week to all of you “monkeys”!