Being a university student and living in Madrid...

Is the perfect combination for an unforgettable experience. Staying in the capital has many advantages, some of them? Nightlife, museums, art and tradition


Our flats in Madrid

Carlos III Campus Getafe

Carlos III Campus Getafe

Single room


535 €/month

  • Flat cleaning service

  • General apartment maintenance

  • Utilities: electricity, water and/or gas included

  • Internet WI-FI

  • 24hr emergency assistance

  • Support in administrative procedures

We have already thought of everything you need


24hr emergency assistance

We’re on hand around the clock for any emergency. Except perhaps an alien invasion...

Support in administrative procedures

Signatures, forms, advice on how to register with the local town hall… Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out for you.

Internet WI-FI

Included. Obviously. What do you think we are, torturers?

General apartment maintenance

Compared to our maintenance team, MacGyver was an amateur.

Flat cleaning service

Mary Poppins floated off through the window, but we've got someone to take her place. Just relax! Everything’s under control.

Utilities: electricity, water and/or gas included

Life is what happens while you’re busy struggling to get hooked up to utilities. Never fear, we take care of all this as well.